Thursday, August 26, 2010

Netflix on your iPhone

I was just about to cancel my Netflix account, this new Netflix iphone app came out today. I have been a Netflix subscriber for a while now, on and off. Recently, I’ve using my Samsung Bluray DVD player to stream videos from Netflix via a wired (wireless connection is slow and not watchable) network connection. The quality has been up and down, but there just isn’t much new contents out there, and you have to wait for another 2 weeks before you can get the new releases is a big turnoff for me. Now we have the nice iphone app, so I can watch “Office” anywhere I want, I think I’ll hang on to Netflix a little longer now.

Tiger’s back?!

Only days after his announced divorce, Tiger Wood is back on the golf course, and sharing the lead at Barclays on the first day. He doesn’t need a putter change to get better, though the putter was the only club not made by Nike, so maybe he should return a favor to Nike for sticking out for him. Anyway, maybe it’s too early to tell, but at least Tiger can officially go out and party with no string attached, which would be a good relief for him, and put himself in the old comfort zone. Many sports radio show hosts have been hinting something like this, the national syndicated ones are more subtle, local ones are straight out saying he needs all the women. We shall see, I hope Tiger Woods will be more comfort on the course and with his game.