Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What do you use Twitter for?

I still don’t quite get Twitter, and how do people use it. I do have a twitter account, I tweet once in a while, and am following a handful of interesting people. I happened to follow guys who tweets quite a bit,  and usually find myself drowned in the sea of tweets.

For businesses and celebrities, the “followed by number” can only be a popularity statement, but there is no way for a business or a celebrity to reach to their customers or fans via twitter, who’s gonna go through all those tweets? We now live in a texting world, maybe there are people who need to tweet every 2 seconds. Not for me though, I don’t need a real time web, or a social media solution, I need a “near real time” solution, I tweet to keep a mini journal of what I’ve been doing, and where I’ve dined, etc., I don’t really need to do this “real time”, twitter won’t allow you to edit your tweet, I guess that beats the purpose. I like Yelp’s check-in feature, I can use it to keep track of my boring life.

Twitter is a record keeper for me, if they keep it closed from google searches, only real use of it would be a real time web repository, which may have some commercial value, but not too much. I just envision an app that keeps track of where I've been for a period of time, or a trip to a theme park, collects my location data at an interval in the background, and integrate with map data to figure out if I’m in a bar or a coffee shop, and most importantly, keep the data private! Maybe I’ll write it, I’m here to just claim the idea first.

Update: Twitter is NOT a Social Network, Says Twitter Exec

Monday, September 13, 2010

P2P video streaming is the future!

I watched most of world cup 2010 games online, either from ESPN3 on my PC or mobileTV on my iPhone. I’d expect more and more live sport events, or just live events, being telecasted by streaming. The performance of those world cup games varies, as well as some of PGA tour live streaming. CNN once tested with P2P technology via a 3rd party provider, it was semi successful, but met with some in browser installation and privacy concerns. With online streaming, especially live streaming going main stream, P2P is definitely the technology to go, I’d load up with P2P stocks! We shall see in a couple of years.

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