Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shattered iPhone 4 screen

I accidently dropped my iphone 4 on the sidewalk, actually, my son did. The upper right corner shattered (I’ve dropped my iphone 3G so many time, nothing happened, both are with cases). After searching on the internet, someone had cracked screen, either from dropping or something else got their iPhone replaced with no charge! So I decided to try my luck at the applet store with geeks. After they examined the screen, I guess they were trying to see if the cracks is like a spider web originated from a corner, or just random cracks, in latter case, they may replace the phone for free (but you have to try), they informed me that I’d need to pay $200 for a replacement. then I snapped: “Screw you, screw all of you, I’m spending another $200 on this phone!”, well, that was all in my head. I packed my phone and left.

The take home lesson was: warranty was void, now, even if I can live with a crack screen phone, no free repair or replacement if other parts of the phone stops working. In hinder sight,  what I should have done was, first try to find a 3rd party service provider to replace my screen (“Genius” at apple store said this would void the warranty, but they can’t tell, trust me, they are not real Geniuses), WITHOUT reporting my phone to Apple, so they don’t know, and just abuse all the button on my phone, and hope for one of button stops working and ask for replacement.

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