Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to easily save hundreds in your household

Here is a good article on "easy-ways-to-save-hundreds: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance":
1. Review Insurance Policies
Most likely the premium has gone up;
 2. Unplug Your Appliances
Maybe go to your electricity meter to check to see which one is the biggest electricity consumer by unplugging one at a time starting with the big ones; 
3. Reassess Your Phone Setup
Take a look at MagicJack, only $20 a year, I use it, caveat is that you need a PC to be running all the time.
4. Eat At Home and Pack Your Breakfast and Lunch
5. Tune Up Your Car and Check Your Tires
Not very intuitive, I guess you need to spend some money to save some.
6. Seal Windows and Doors
If you live in the colder states.
7. Pay Down Your Debt
Easier to say than done, but absolutely, especially credit card debts;

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