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Office Camera supports document imaging and video conferencing

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New Office Camera in HoverCam Line of Cameras at CES

SAN DIEGO, -- Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. introduces HoverCam Office Camera for document imaging and visual communication for professional and home offices. Office Camera is a new category of all-in-one office imaging products championed by Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. with applications in the areas of document scanning, video-conferencing, video presentation, and with a break-through form factor that makes it a cost effective tool for every desktop or office on the go. The device also finds unique applications in assisting visually impaired individuals.

Scanners found in most MFCs (multi-functional copiers) scan a document line-by-line in a sweeping motion, while the HoverCam® Office Camera captures an entire page of document in a single snapshot action with an aerial-positioned high-resolution lens. The "scanning" is done instantly, and the image quality is excellent for most scanning applications. This not only saves time, but produces lifelike digital copies of the document.

The HoverCam has a slender vertical configuration with a tiny footprint, making it a convenient space saving imaging device. It is a daily office tool, just as essential and easily accessible as keyboard and mouse. All HoverCam models can be retracted to be highly portable, fitting into briefcases and even pockets. Mobile professionals can "scan" contracts, forms, invoices, receipts, and notes anytime anywhere.

In addition to the scanning functionality, the HoverCam is also an HD web cam, displaying and recording 1080P real time video of a document and the presenter at the same time. It can be used as an enhanced video capturing device for Skype, Webex, or GoToMeeting, or be combined with HoverCam Flex software for web shared whiteboard and picture-in-picture conferencing.

In office settings, HoverCam Office Cameras can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, from sales training, product demos, communicating ideas, collaborative works, document imaging, capturing engineering parts along with paperwork, organizing receipts, to magnifying objects or text-to-speech for the visually-impaired.

We have two lines of products on the CES Floor: The HoverCam Neo and HoverCam Mini. Product is shipping first half of 2011. (CES Booth# 35955)

The HoverCam Neo performs quick scans of documents and records full motion HD video at 1080p resolution. The Neo can be connected directly to a projector and work with a whiteboard. With its dual camera design, the HoverCam Neo simultaneously presents drawings, printed materials and 3D objects. Picture-In-Picture capability and built-in conferencing software make the Neo an essential tool for any office space.

There are three models in the Neo line with a range of resolutions:

Neo 5p: 9 Megapixels with "InstantScan" Technology, 1080p Full Motion HD Video, HDMI and USB 2.0 outputs

Neo 5i: 5 Megapixels with "InstantScan" Technology, 720p Full Motion HD Video, HDMI and USB

Neo 3: 3 Megapixels with "InstantScan" Technology, 17fps UVC 720p video via PC or MAC.

HoverCam Mini: 3 megapixels, 200 ppi optical resolution, digital enhancement to 400 ppi with SnapReader Software, OCR processing with HoverCam's Receipt Manager Software.

For additional information, contact Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. at 858-812-6358 or visit

Pathway Innovations and Technology, Inc., based in San Diego, CA, is the designer and manufacturer of HoverCam(TM) Office Cameras with applications in professional offices, SOHO environments, and schools. Office cameras are used for live presentations, video conferencing, scanning, OCR, and assisting the visually impaired. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Claudia Ramstrum,, +1-858-812-6358

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Office Camera supports document imaging and video conferencing., Pathway Innovation

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